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Blair on Brown - Tony tells the truth

We have dissed our own record: Astonishing secret memo in which Blair accuses Brown of ‘hubris and vacuity’| News | This is London

Tony Blair has delivered a savage attack on Gordon Brown in a secret memo accusing him of playing into David Cameron’s hands by his ‘lamentable’ and ‘vacuous’ performance as Prime Minister.

The former Prime Minister boasts that Mr Cameron was ‘in trouble’ before he resigned a year ago.

And he claims Mr Brown’s incompetence has made the Tories look like the party of the future and on course to win the next Election.

I would love to be the butler in Gordon Brown's secret country house hideaway this morning, carefully presenting the ironed papers at the breakfast table with this story on top, and then running away very very quickly...


Can any resident or vistor to Southwold confirm that the local Callphone Warehouse has been doing an unusual amount of business over the past week?

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