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Healthy Living Update...

Healthy & Organic Living magazine celebrates the fact that organic, healthy and environmentally-friendly living is a lifestyle choice but that it doesn't necessarily have to involve huge changes to your way of life...


In H&OL7 p60 Antony Worral Thompson recommends using henbane in salads. In fact henbane is a very toxic plant and should never been eaten. As always, check with an expert when foraging or collecting wild plants.


First we had Marco Pierre White trying to make the entire nation diabetics with his sugar laced Eton Mess, now Worral Thompson is trying to kill people with henbane. Is it a conspiracy or are these muppets just too thick to check their own recipes?

Then again what with all the daytime tv appearances, Poundland openings and book signings they do I'm surprised they have a chance to cook anything.

Be aware, if using French recipes, that laurel means bay leaf and not laurel (poisonous.

Always check with experts? But isn`t Antony Worral Thompson an expert?

Also be wary of experts. The scientific consensus circa 1800 was that travelling at speeds of over thirty miles per hour for more than three minutes would cause loss of ability to breathe.

Gallimaufry, good tip. Perhaps this is what Thompson meant?

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