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Even the pollution is spun at No 10

No 10 Downing Street is not actually made from black bricks. In fact it was blackened by London's smog. When the building was renovated in the 1960s, everyone had got so used to it that the yellow brickwork was coloured black for the sake of tradition.

There is a parable there about how filth and muck have become ingrained, expected and institutionalized at No 10 but I can't quite work it out...


Ha, classic. Even Labour can't shake off the disgusting mess left all over Downing Street.

Mr. Prime Minister: The Emerald City requests the return of the yellow bricks illicitly removed from our demesnes. Further, it is our understanding these historic items have been altered in appearance, perhaps in an attempt to obscure their relevance to our proud heritage. I, The Wizard, trust you will direct your attention to restoration of our purloined objects and if possibkle restore them to their original state.

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