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Electricity Causes Frog Muscle Spasm

Britons face bigger bills as French Government caps energy prices

British families could find themselves subsidising households in France after the French Government ordered a 2 per cent cap on electricity price increases yesterday.

EDF, which supplies homes on both sides of the Channel, raised its prices to British customers by 22 per cent only two weeks ago. It also put up its charges for gas by 17 per cent - but it will not be allowed to increase French prices by more than 5 per cent. ..

Steve Webb, the Liberal Democrat energy spokesman, said: “EDF will have to make up the shortfall somehow. They may have to look to customers in countries where the markets are less interventionist, like Britain.” He added that the French announcement drew a stark contrast with what he saw as fundamental flaws in the British market that failed to protect consumers. “Energy prices are not like the price of baked beans,” he said. “It matters if people cannot afford to pay, so leaving it all to the market is just not acceptable.”

Liberal Democrat politicians are not like other politicians, it matters if people don't vote for their policies, leaving it to the voters is just not acceptable, they must be imposed by higher authority.


“It matters if people cannot afford to pay, so leaving it all to the market is just not acceptable.”

So, government [France] overrides the market and refuses to pay rising costs. This means those participating in the market will lose money. So they decide to raise prices where the government does not hold sway. Which prompts [another, ie UK] government to intervene and override the market. Eventually the provider is driven to failure, which the government says is the provider's fault. A new company buys the provider, re-negotiates contracts above actual market value so as to recoup costs and other liabilities, and government proclaims victory for having gotten rid of the greedy prior owners.

Repeat as [un]necessary.

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