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Let's stop sanctifying false and minor gods and heretically chant - Renewables are not Green (and oil isn't a fossil fuel)

HeresiesFinal.pdf h/t D Ambler

Abstract: Renewables are not green. To reach the scale at which they would contribute importantly to meeting global energy demand, renewable sources of energy, such as wind, water and biomass, cause serious environmental harm.

Measuring renewables in watts per square metre that each source could produce smashes these environmental idols. Nuclear energy is green...

Here I will offer a pair of heresies. One is that the popular spectre of resource exhaustion has played little or no role in the long-run evolution of the energy system. Plenty of wood and hay remained to be exploited when the world shifted to coal. Coal abounded when oil rose. Oil abounds now as methane rises.

Advocates of nuclear energy and so-called renewables foolishly point to depletion of oil and natural gas as reasons for their own fuels to win. Oil and natural gas use may peak in coming decades but not because Earth is running out of them.

Not only do I reject the doctrine of resource exhaustion, I also reject the very notion of fossil fuels...


as methane rises
Hah! I see what you did there.

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