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Climate Change - Follow the money on censorship

Global warming: the real danger is not taking action | Otago Daily Times Online

Confused over the great climate change debate? Follow the money, advises Bob Lloyd.
Finally what about freedom of speech? Should not the detractors of climate change get equal media space with those suggesting mitigation?
To show how irresponsible this suggestion is we can pose the alternate question: would the media be happy to allow equal space to groups in the community promoting crime and violence?

Dr Bob Lloyd is a spokesperson for Sustainable Dunedin City.

He is also Director of Energy Studies at the University of Otago and has particular expertise in renewable energy, energy conservation and peak oil.

Thanks Bob, I'll heed your advice and follow the money on how to take your views...

h/t Budderies


So the World Scientific Community speaks as one?

I have yet to find two scientists who agree on anything.

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