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Darling, say something, anything, or I won't be able to complete.

Deals cancelled as Chancellor stays silent on stamp duty - Times Online

Alistair Darling was resisting calls last night to make an announcement on stamp duty despite evidence that homebuyers are delaying purchases because of the uncertainty surrounding the tax.

Estate agents reported that buyers were pulling out of purchases and cancelling viewings in the hope that they would avoid paying the tax if they waited until later in the year.

The Chancellor withdrew from an interview linked to the subject last night, two days after refusing to rule out that he planned to suspend stamp duty temporarily in an attempt to stimulate the housing market.

Mr Darling had said that he was considering a number of measures to “help people with housing”. His remarks provoked widespread speculation that the measure would be introduced this autumn.

Brilliant - absolutely brilliant! Only an idiot would complete on a house purchase until this is ruled either way. So his leaking of how he will help the market has ruined it. I suppose he has to wait for the Ditherer to complete his sandcastle and come to a decision first.


Look it's simple really..when you announce to the world that you are going to sell all your gold before you do so, and the rest of the world 'shorts' it, resulting in the worst possible price when you do,then it makes perfect sense to tell everyone that you may condescend to let them keep more of their own money if they don't complete their house sale at the present time.This is the economics of the retarded.This is socialist Britain.

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