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Giles Coren On Polly Watch

All the lawns are manicured in Polly Toynbee land - Times Online

Leafing through The Guardian this week, I have been gripped by extracts from a new book by Polly Toynbee and David Walker, ..Polly? Really, Dave? Then you're even stupider than you come across on paper.

And they get stupider. And more bitter. And more teacherly and smug...sour old Trots like Toynbee. ...the prose dripping with that familiar and uniquely Guardian fetishising of black youth that seems to drip with middle-aged female lust for the noble savage. ..

I'm glad Giles waded through it for us, saving us the effort.


We Polish people hate this kurwa! Giles you are pierdolony chuj!

We don't hate him. He is just stupid twat. Everybody knows it. Stupid, ignorant twat. By the way I know some very nice kurwa's but Coren is not one of them. Fuck Him!

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