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Have a go hero zaps Council bin policy

Hero of seven arrests is honoured - News - Manchester Evening News

BRITAIN'S busiest have-a-go hero has won an award after carrying out SEVEN citizen's arrests.

Stockport solicitor, Roger Houlker has tackled muggers, chased crooks and nabbed thieves up and down the country.

Now the former rugby player has received an award for his public-spirited behaviour.

Sounds like the right sort of bloke - but his biggest victory is announced today:

Man wins right to second wheelie bin - Times Online

THE policy of councils across Britain of limiting households to one wheelie bin each may have to change after an official complaint by a solicitor exasperated at having to make regular trips to his local rubbish tip.

The local government ombudsman has ruled in favour of Roger Houlker, who has fought a 2½ year battle against Congleton borough council to be given a second bin for his six-bedroom Cheshire home.

The ombudsman, Anne Seex, found the council guilty of “maladministration with injustice” for failing to collect all his waste and ordered it to review its policy. She also said she had “reservations” about the authority’s refusal to collect additional bags of waste left beside wheelie bins.

While waiting for his bin to be emptied, Houlker had to deal with vermin ripping open black bags used to hold extra waste in his garden and he made regular 12-mile trips to take them to a dump because dustmen would only take waste from his one 240-litre bin.

Of course some councils, such as Kennet District Council, only issue 180 litre bins. And if you complain of it not fitting in they send round some prodnose to poke through your rubbish to educate you on how to cut down. Following our Cheshire hero's victory I feel a letter coming on.


I have one large wheelie bin, 2 small wheelie bins, a large green garden waste bin and two recycling boxes. I kicked off when they reduced me to one wheelie bin and they sent me a small one to replace the large one they took off me and then I kicked off until they sent me another small bin. I did once have a letter to say I'd left a tin in the bin instead of recycling but I phoned up and kicked off about the letter and they've not bothered me since.

How do you do...
a hero

Sword, nunchucks??
Gamma-ray laser taser gloves in sky blue???


So what’s the f**king point of heroes, no really? Don’t they just act all morally highbrow saving virtues and looking like dicks albeit better dressed dicks than us? But still dicks though, bequeathed with amour or a good seamstress. Showing us up to be A typical inept-lings while they swan in (most times un-asked) and mute whatever quite entertaining cataclysm that was descending down your road while stealing whichever apparently distressed maiden is hanging about the place.

Based on that alone, they should not be encouraged, moreover culled. Alas 21st century heroism isn’t so slice and die. Everyone can be a sort of hero, so sit down Fatwoman and Widerman and lets get cracking.

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