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Tractor Factory Results - a quarter of Directors claim to believe them

Spending spree has ‘failed pupils’ - Times Online

THE literacy and numeracy of new employees have tumbled over the past decade despite Labour’s £28 billion increase in education spending, according to research by a leading employers’ organisation.

The Institute of Directors (IoD) found 71% of its members believed the writing abilities of new employees had worsened, while 60% believed numeracy had also declined; 52% reported a worsening of the basic ability to communicate.

With the exam results season under way, more than 60% of directors now think GCSEs and A-levels are less demanding than a decade ago. Overall, only 27% believe schools have got better.

A-level results to be released this Thursday are expected to show the number of passes going above 97% ..

27% of directors believe schools have got better! Find them, name them, and sell any shares you have in their companies as they must be in the Rocking Horse Shit supply business for La-la land.


ha - but what you miss is that 75% don't believe them; not good policy to claim negative stats as supporting a theory - unless of course you are a Labour Supporter?

No? somehow I didn't think so *grin*

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