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The buggers are out to get us

Councils are not snooping enough, says spying watchdog - Telegraph

Sir Paul Kennedy, the Interception of Communications Commissioner, has urged councils to "make much more use" of new spying legislation which allows them to access phone bills and call records of members of the public.

Yaa boo sucks etc... but wait there's more...

To free up police time the Conservatives would axe the requirement for RIPA clearance for CCTV surveillance, using automatic number plate recognition software and public surveillance of a building.

Ok - probably fair enough, nothing more than Google Street view does...

RIPA authorisations would also not be required for commissioning covert recording or bugging of a house or car, or using thermal or x-ray surveillance of a building.

But they are seriously intrusive, a step too far I think Mr Grieve.


nothing like spying on all of us to pass the time instead of doing something useful like emptying the bins etc. like we pay for. welcome to the wonderful world of new labour

Whatever happened to those twin pillars of civility - good manners and respect? Although often flouted, in recent years this has become official policy.

Was anyone else disappointed to hear the recent remarks of Andrew Lansley MP(Cons)? He suggests that peer-group pressure should be used on the fat.

If that isn't legitimisation of bullying and rudeness, I'd like to know what is.

Apparently there is no excuse for being fat - but since when was anyone obliged to provide an excuse? And to whom?

At least this particular politician may have one welcome, unintended consequence: people assuming that bossy arrogance is confined to the present government.

Looks to me as though the intrusiveness, the hectoring, the monitoring and the banning are going to continue, whichever of the two main parties are in office. May I therefore offer a plea to fellow bloggers? Let us replace 'NuLab', 'Tony B Liar' etc with 'Elected politicians'!

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