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Georgia on my mind

EU Referendum: It's the same old story One of our allies has Russian tanks fighting their way to its capital, all I'm hearing is silence, as Chamberlain said it is a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing. But we should know and we should act.


It's because we no longer know how to, that Russia has dared this.

I know Georgia well and can tell you that Sakaashvili has performed a minor miracle in transforming a third world mafia ridden fiefdom of Shevernadze (but pro Moscow) into a genuinely democratic almost prosperous country. His first job was to sack the entire corrupt police force (fat, drunken parasites) and replace it a young force that now upholds law and order. He made it a place which attracted investment and the developments taken place in the last 5 years have been truly amazing.

What made him go into South Ossetia I do not know but one suspects he has been provoked into giving acting President Putin the excuse he needs. His real crime is that he has shown Western democracy works better than Russian totalitarianism.

Anyway, just over the border, we're keeping our heads down.

Gordon has already acted in the only way he knows how - by talking, not doing. Apparently he said yesterday (several days after the conflict started) that Russia's actions were not acceptable.

Wow, scary.

"What made him go into South Ossetia I do not know"

Perhaps the fact that South Ossetia has always been considered part of Georgia?

As to the west doing anything, Putin has picked his time rather well. With the western allies most likely to do anything tied up in two wars and preparing for a possible third (against Iran) who's going to stop him? Finger waggers at the UN? I think not.

perhaps he used the west as his example, do the words NATO, serbia, kosovo ring any bells?

That doesn't explain why he sent his army on a suicide mission.

Historically it has always been part of Georgia but then for the most part Georgia has been part of the Russian empire.

The problem is South Ossetia (and Abkhazia) was ethnically cleansed long before such phrases came into being following the breakdown of the Soviet Union. There were very few Georgians left living there and even less now of course.

South Ossetia is now effectively part of Russia and will remain so.

Russia wants Georgia back into its sphere of influence because it is the only alternative transit route for the vast Caspian and Kazakh oil and gas reserves. And as we all know, those commies can't abide free market competition. They can't reroute existing pipelines but they can move borders.

There are two more pipelines planned: one oil to the Black Sea and one gas through Georgia to Turkey.

Russia wants them routed through Russia so they can control supplies and prices to the West.

I wonder if Azerbaijan has taken the hint and is now considering Russia's suggestions?

They have already offered Azerbaijan help in resolving the probelm of their disputed territory with Armenia (a problem created by Russia) if they run the new gas pipeline through Russia rather than Georgia.

Some serious carrot and stick work at play here.

I despair that the best we've all we've got to stand up to these people is Brown and Miliband FFS.

Maggie would have known what to do.

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