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Smoke Gets in Eu Eyes

QUESTION ASKED IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, 9 JUNE 2008 Godfrey Bloom asked the following written question of the European Commission with reference to secondary smoke. According to the Commission Green Paper "Towards a Europe free from tobacco smoke: policy options at EU level", more than, "79,000 adults" die in the EU per annum from the effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Given that the impact that such a Directive will be considerable, both economically and socially, could the Commission please name three or four people who have died from ETS within the European Union in the last two years?

ANSWER, 18 July 2008 "The nature of the epidemiological evidence on all risk factors, be they chemical or other, is such that it does not allow to identify the victims at individual level but only populations"

GODFREY'S REPLY? Thank you for your response. For press purposes I can therefore take the answer "None". Obviously I am only interested in facts not speculation by interested parties, either the Commission or the Tobacco Industry.

AVRIL BOYLE, an MEP with Fine Gael, has called for a ban on tobacco throughout Europe by 2025.
As an interim measure, members of the EU are talking of banning lobbying on public health policy by tobacco and associated trades. Such trades might include hospitality, vending machine companies, tobacconists, etc. Although these bodies and all who work in them will still be taxed as usual, officers in the field of public health policy will be prevented from giving them an audience:
More from England Expects

So next those that argue against AGW will be denied a voice since they are deemed to be supporters of the oil lobby.



No one trusts politicians.

So I suggest that no one funded directly or indirectly by politicians should be allowed to lobby as well.

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