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Recycling Rubbish

Le recyclage

Le tri des déchets peut être fait de façon efficace grâce à des machines en usine. Mais le mouvement vert insiste toujours pour que nous le fassions à la maison comme s’il s’agissait d’une pénitence pour notre consommation. Ce refus de reconnaître la division du travail fait de nous des pauvres et demeure symptomatique au sein du mouvement vert.

(Google translated - The waste sorting can be done effectively through machines at the factory. But the green movement still insists that we do at home as if it were a penance for our consumption. This refusal to recognize the division of labor makes us poor and remains symptomatic within the green movement.)

Compare to: An Englishman's Castle: Worstall Rubbish and The Divison of Labour

Sorting of rubbish can be done very well by large machines at centralised factories (or even outsourced to foreign lands). But the green movement insist we do it at home as a penance for our consumerism, almost as if when we needed pins we were forced to make them at home. It is this forbidding of the division of labour that makes us poorer and is symptomatic of the green movement.

Hmmm - not even a name check and they even spell Worstall's name wrong

UPDATE - Now namechecked, merci.

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