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Know your limit

Let's scrap the most stupid sign on our roads | Paul Dunn - Times Online

...a white circle with a black diagonal across it.

You certainly need a masters degree in advanced semiotics to work out what it means - technically “national speed limits apply”. This is the most stupid and unhelpful sign on our roads. It should be scrapped.

But you can't replace it with one that just says 60 or 70 - because if you towing a trailer, or you are in a van or an articulated lorry the national speed limit isn't that. And that is why lorries hold you up as you speed off on holiday.


Much better to restore the sign to its original meaning, i.e. that no speed limit applies, and educating drivers to use speed appropriate for the conditions. After all, on many "de-restricted" roads it is practically impossible to exceed the national speed limit anyway due to the physical road conditions. On roads where it is possible to exceed the limit, people generally will do, thereby rendering the limit pointless and actually reducing people's respect for the law. It's worth remembering that national speed limits were introduced primarily to "save fuel" at a time when cars were far less economical and safe than now. Of course, this awful government and its idiotic friends in local authorities are hell-bent on "addressing" this situation another way, i.e. progressively reducing NSL roads to 50, 40 and then 30mph speed limits over a period of several years by the addition of huge quantities of ugly (and expensive) roadsigns and markings, not to mention cash-generating cameras. Despite this, road deaths have remained relatively constant for the past 15 years.

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