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Health and Safety or Saving Lives - which is more important?

Coastguards face reprimand for using banned boat to rescue girl - Times Online

A volunteer coastguard crew face disciplinary action after going to the rescue of a teenage swimmer in a boat that had recently been repaired and was awaiting a seaworthiness inspection.

The four crewmen were on duty at Hope Cove in South Devon when the 15-year-old girl was swept out to sea by a powerful rip tide. They braved heavy surf to launch their 17ft rigid inflatable.

The girl was rescued by a diver and the coastguard crew brought her ashore.

The boat had been out of service since June and the 11-strong crew, fed up with waiting for it to be repaired by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), spent £2,000 of their own money on the work. But the repairs had yet to be approved and the boat - which has rescued more than 120 people since 2000 – was languishing in the boathouse at the pretty fishing village awaiting a further inspection.

Within three hours the boat was towed away by a senior MCA officer and is now locked in a garage at their office five miles away in Kingsbridge.

A spokesman for the MCA said: “The health and safety of the boat crews and those who they may render assistance to is of paramount importance. We have identified serious breaches of health and safety procedures and they are currently being investigated. The boat has been stood down for a further eight weeks while we investigate.


I would have thought that saving someone's life doesn't incur disciplinary action.

My mistake.

Health & Safety Nazis strike again!

Of paramount importance to these jobsworths is not people's safety but their own self-importance. What I detest about them is that they crave absolute authority but with zero responsibility.


Ladies and gentleman, common sense has left the building.

At what point do the people of the UK say enough is enough?

How about a whip round, get a good drink and a set of bolt cutters for the crew.

The MCA have a website, and I have just left a disapproving message on their contact form:


Weren't they in the news recently in a similar case?

I suggest the appropritate action would be to take these Elf n safety fucktards, and throw then in the sea several miles out. Then tell 'em there is no life boat because they chained it up so SWIM you fuckers. Then if they make it anywhere near shore, harpoon the fuckers and tow them back out again.

I have just sent the following to the MCA.

"With regard to the reports of a four man crew facing disciplinary action for using a repaired, but uninspected boat to effect the rescue of a distressed swimmer, might I respectfully point out that this is insane. Ever since the days of Grace Darling, rescuers have been putting to sea in boats that might not be perfect. It is part of what makes us human and I would venture to suggest that punishing the above referenced crew would make the punishers sub-human. I am quite sure that the crew were quite confident in the repair that they had organised themselves, but even if they weren't totally sure, they would still have gone, holding the boat together with chewing gum and duct tape if necessary as it is part of the ethos of rescuers that they think first of all about the victim, not themselves. Closing, I trust that, should any of the management of this agency supporting this heinous action ever be at some sort of risk, the rescuers will take all necessary measures to ensure that all regulatory functions have been properly dealt with, all forms filled in and so on. If it make the actual rescue a bit too late, well, I am sure that the victims will, from the grave, appreciate that the proper procedures were followed."

I hope they rot in hell.

I know "that others may live" is the motto of the US air sea rescue chaps, but the ethos, I would imagine, is pretty much global. At least amongst those who willingly put their own lives at risk to rescue others; obviously it doesn't extend to bureaucratic fucktards.

what do you call some MCA bureaucrats at the bottom of the sea? answer, a fucking good start, pity they're not all there.

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