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We are from the council and are here to weigh your child

Fat children ‘should be taken from parents’ to curb obesity epidemic - Times Online

Grossly overweight children may be taken from their families and put into care if Britain’s obesity epidemic continues to escalate, council chiefs said yesterday.

David Rogers, the Local Government Association’s public health spokesman, said: “If parents consistently place their children at risk through bad diet and lack of exercise, is it right that a council should step in to keep the child’s health under review?”

“The nation’s expanding waistline threatens to have a devastating impact on our public services. It’s a huge issue for public health, but it also risks placing an unprecedented amount of pressure on council services.”

And of course we are only here to make the council's life easy. Is there any medical condition that has a worse prognosis than being taken into the council's care?


What disgustingly evil and wicked people these people are. I am not quite sure that they have heard what they temselves are saying. If they had, then presumably being human beings themselves, they would be appalled by their own notions.

What sort of a person goes for and gets, voluntarily, this sort of job? The same kind that fed live sub-humans into incinerators at Auschwitz, to satisfy the objectives of a plan?

I am not yet quite sure what the punishment should be for people who have actively or passively assisted English Soviets in "social planning", but it ought to be exemplary, so mush so as to be remembered down the ages. Or else a new generation will grow up with no memory of these times or the fate of the wicked, and will do it all over again.

Public health. Medical conditions. The NHS striking a patient who has been paying in for "universal" health care from the rolls for having the audacity to get drugs which are approved for her condition but too costly for the NHS to provide.

And now the NICE "guidelines" are out.
This NICE guidance, outlining the guiding values for rationing national healthcare, is not just some trivial document. And, as unreal as it seems, this is for real and today. This is the inevitable outgrowth of what happens, as history has taught, when health becomes public. When health is a measure of good citizenship. This is the foreseeable results when government foots the bill for healthcare: the state then assumes power to decide what happens to an individual’s body and to determine when a life is of insufficient quality or too costly to society to preserve. This document doesn't just affect our friends in the UK or our fellow healthcare professionals put in the position of turning away from people in need. Its cautionary messages speak to all of us.

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