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We are from the council and are here to stop your kids running around

Children face prosecution for playing ball games in street - Telegraph

Newark and Sherwood District Council has sent letters to youngsters who have been found playing cricket, tennis and football warning they could be arrested and fined up to £100 in a magistrates' court.

Lynn Pallett, the council's anti-social behaviour co-ordinator, said: "We are not intending to spoil anyone's fun.

"However, if children must play any type of ball game in the street, it must be in an acceptable manner.

Nice to know the council employs someone to co-ordinate its anti social behaviour. Of course we don't want kids to have fun and run around in their own way, it must be council approved.


"Nice to know the council employs someone to co-ordinate its anti social behaviour"

I should think this is the very definition of anti-social behaviour, seeing as it is aimed at stopping children engage in social activities, indeed threatening them with arrest if they do so.

Let the brats get back to their Xboxes!

Let the brats get back to their Xboxes!

Then they'll get (more) obese and then we can take them into state care.

I wonder which council will be the first to employ a "Child-Catcher"

Simple. WHEN we come to power (perish the thought....) we shall now know what to do with people who voluntarily and on purpose, become "council" (which is to say, Soviet) employees. The precedent is laid bare for us, plangently, at Nuremburg in 1945/46. long prison sentences at the very least, which will stop the buggers "running around". There may even be "special treatment" for some, notably chief executives, who must have known all that was going on, are directors of certain departments whose activities we would have to view with especial displeasure.

UK Government/bureaucracy is out of control. It answers to no one. Why do you Brits allow it to continue?

So councils will step in if parents let kids get too fat, and councils will step in if kids play ball in the street?

When I was 10 years old a new family moved in next door and I found out the mom was from England and that started a love affair with all things English that I've never gotten over. I can't tell you how much it breaks my heart to see what nonsense is being imposed on a nation of people I've admired for so long.

Two years ago I took a friend on her first trip and had a delightful time meeting people all over the south of the country. I hope to hear one day that these sensible people have gotten fed up and thrown the council bums out.

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