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Stasi State

Malicious gossip could cost you your job | The Register

A recent landmark ruling by the High Court takes the UK one step closer to becoming an “informant society” along the lines of the former East Germany or Soviet Union.

El Reg previously reported on the case of deputy head, John Pinnington, who was fired from his job when an enhanced criminal record background (CRB) check turned up allegations of abuse made against him. He took his case to judicial review, arguing that the allegations were seriously flawed, were unsubstantiated, and that the police should only include them in a CRB check where there were some grounds to believe they might be true.

Let’s be completely clear: Vulture Central hax no way of knowing whether these allegations were true, false, or the deluded imaginings of politically-correct Martians. What we do know is that police investigated and took no further action.

Yet the court held that the threshold for disclosure should fall below reasonable suspicion. All that was required was that the allegations could not, on the untested material in possession of the police, be dismissed as necessarily untrue.


Of just as much interest is the article on Police oversight of research material. I include a link to the comments page, and would draw your attention to the comment from the runner who went out for a jog with a camera...http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/08/15/nott_uni_update/comments/

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