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Hmm - an anti-GM speaks

An Englishman's Castle: Genetic Advice from an Inbred Comment;

or we could try remembering Monsanto's wonderfully patented seeds, genetically modified not to reproduce fertile seeds so that any farmer using them always had to go back to monsanto to buy more and of course such GM plants couldn't possibly cross contaminate any other plants of a near species could it.

Posted by: night raven | August 17, 2008 2:20 PM

So the seeds can't produce fertile offspring and yet you are worried they will produce fertile offspring with the weeds....


The comment also nicely conveys the typical lefty attitude that farmers are too stupid to make their own decisions about which seeds to buy.

Am I being totally stupid, or are all the world's farmers being corralled (or not), rounded up (or not) (Roundup! Pun! Ha ha!)and forced (or not) to buy seeds from the Monsantazis, at Monsantazo?

Yes, you're being totally stupid.


for a start I am not a lefty. second, I live on a farm. third if you tried actually reading it properly what I said was NEAR SPECIES, got it yet? it means that the so called 'terminator' seeds (their words not mine) could cross pollinate with, shall we say GM wheat with ordinary wheat. leaving us with all wheat unable to reproduce. Thank you for using my post for ridicule purposes englishman, for your information I happen to agree with much of what you say on your blog, I just happen to think that GM crops unless tested thoroughly are open to mistakes that will effect more than just a couple of fields.

"second, I live on a farm"

So do pigs and chickens

So do pigs and chickens

Posted by: DocBud

they do indeed docbud an i can only assume with a comment like that, that they are your 'special friends'

Well I do like to eat them. My real point was that living on a farm is not a qualification. You still haven't explained how something that is infertile can contaminate something else.

I like to eat them as well, I like to eat beef and lamb too, rabbits are nice after having been in gun range and curried afterwards and now i know what your real point is. the theory as it was explained to me by someone who works in the organic agriculture industry, therefore more educated about such things than i am is this: terminator seeds are genetically modified not to reproduce fertile seed, however they do produce pollen and do everything else that plants do, just that the modification 'turns off' the fertile bit, however it is possible that pollen from GM plants can pollinate non GM plants of a similar species ie as i said wheat. If this is so and monsanto were notoriously non forthcoming about such possibilities preferring instead to ridicule the questions raised, then the non fertile gene could spread to normal wheat's leaving us with infertile wheat everywhere. where do you go for seeds after that? monsanto perhaps? given that the government when asked about field tests said that a few hundred yard buffer zone would be adequate only to find with tests that GM pollen from the test plants was found miles away leads me to seriously question just how safe these modified plants are. i for one don't want a world without grass, i don't think any of us would find that fun. obviously GM wheat won't cross pollinate tomatoes, GM soy would not affect anything outside the soy family, however given natures ability to adapt and change, ask anyone about rat poison or insects becoming immune to certain sprays, i don't think the GM stuff has been properly thought out or tested, if it had been i would be happy to eat it, if anyone wants to change my mind about this, then persuade me with logical arguments, not silly 'lefty', 'I think all farmers are stupid' insults.

I very much doubt that Tim would think all farmers are stupid and I certainly did not say that. You noted that you live on a farm (not that you were a farmer) as if that alone is a qualification. I'm not defending the use of the term "lefty" but it was actually used to defend the intelligence of farmers.

Given that there is a UN moratorium on the testing and commercialisation of terminator seeds it does not seem to be much of a problem.

DocBud. no YOU didn't say I thought all farmers are stupid, chris H did. I noted that I lived on a farm as proof that I know farmers are NOT stupid and also that I am not some live in a townie who hasn't gone near a farm in his life. I think I've also explained my stance on GM as much as I can and given that as you say, there is a UN moratorium on terminator seeds. can we now put this one to bed and move on please.


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