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Well they do get a lot of criminals in there....

Police would raise the roof over station thefts - if it hadn’t already been stolen - Times Online

It’s the last place you would expect thieves to strike. But handcuffs and hedge trimmers, blood samples and packed lunches have all been stolen from police premises in the past three years.

Figures obtained by The Times under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that petty criminals view the police station or the patrol car as more of a temptation than a deterrent. More than £1 million of police property, including sat-navs, stab vests, breath-test kits and helmets have been stolen since 2005.

Wiltshire Police were puzzled when a £40,000 motor home vanished... West Midlands suffered the most expensive spate of thefts over three years, losing £130,000 of equipment. It was followed by Wiltshire, which lost more than £60,000 of property. The Metropolitan Police said that it had suffered 119 incidents of theft, including 15 uniforms, last year alone...

Wiltshire Police said that it took all instances of theft “very seriously”, regardless of where they happened.

On average, only one third of thefts committed on police premises were solved.

I find that strangely reassuring that they are no better at solving those thefts than they are of Joe Public's.


"On average, only one third of thefts committed on police premises were solved."... that's probably because Plod was responsible for the other 2/3.

I don't know of any Coppers who would leave valuables... i.e. anything worth over 50 pence... in their station locker. Also, there was a time, when they turned up at A&E just to pull a nurse. Now, they like to rummage through cupboards and store-rooms while stuffing their flak jackets with contraband... what they do with it Heaven only knows. Get a motorway pile-up involving a Currys van and you're likely to get squad cars from at least 3 different forces turn up. Another favourite is to go Christmas shopping in a lorry park... "Oooops sorry to disturb you sir... we were just checking that the vehicle doors were secure".

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