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Home Furnishing Tips

High-flying furniture - Telegraph

Military enthusiasts might enjoy a cold beer around the MK-84 Blockbuster table - constructed from a 'Blockbuster' bomb, which was used extensively in Desert Storm

Just the thing for the bar area, though i think I would also like one of these for the under performing salesmen to sit in..

American B52 bomber de-activated Ejection seat


I don't know if it's mentioned in the telegraph anywhere but these bits are from a company called MotoArt - I've had their catalogue for a while. Their stuff is stunning but a tad on the pricey side, plus shipping across the pond is likely to be not cheap...

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I can't see it in the Telegraph article. All those plane furniture bits are from a company called MotoArt. Their stuff is lovely but pricey plus they are based in the US so shipping will be an issue. They do however go round some of the air shows, I think they were at Farnborough, so if you are seriously interested in their gear it would be worth finding out the next UK show they are at and attending... You should go to their website and request their catalogue, it is a sight for sore eyes!

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