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Environ mental weapon buying

MoD to require tally of environmental impact - Times Online

Under new rules being introduced by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), weapons manufacturers have been told to account for the environmental impact of making depleted uranium shells or the social consequences of assembling cruise missiles.

The Sustainable Procurement Charter, which has been sent to defence suppliers to the MoD and which all will have to sign, tells companies to minimise any adverse effects on society from their activities, which may be hard to establish for makers of nuclear submarines or weapons of mass destruction.

The charter says: “SP is a process whereby organisations meet their needs for goods, services ... and utilities in a way that achieves best value for money on a through life basis with minimal adverse impacts on the environment and society.”

There is also concern that the Government is adding further bureaucracy to MoD procurement. One industry executive said: “This is yet another example of civil servants living in a parallel universe. Everyone knows the MoD is broke and by its own admission is constipated with process, much of it pointless and counter-productive, so why has it launched another vacuous initiative that will consume resources?”

The MoD said that it was introducing the charter as part of an effort to get suppliers to reduce energy use and carbon dioxide emissions and to limit their adverse effect on society.

Far more important than whether the pointy things will hurt the baddies and the flat things stop the baddies hurting our own, and whether there are any of them actually available in the hot dusty places.


Why not go the whole hog and rehorse the cavalry?

Geegees would be far more environmentally freindly than those nasty deisel burning tankie things, after all. And it worked for the Poles (sort of).

The social consequences of cruise missiles? My prediction would be a smaller population in the area that they are fired into.

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. After all, these bureaucrat guys are not on our side, or they would not be bureaucrats a priori. If they were, then they would be in the private sector or in the Military itself.

The entire purpose and objectives of greenazism, as one tactic among others, is to (a) hobble and burden the West, as a punishment for making it look "environmentally unfriendly", and (b) to bring it down, with the envirolefty buggers and their chums sealed permanently "on top", for as long as their food lasts; the rest of us will just be slaves, until we die or are beaten to death.

One obvious way to hasten the West's decline is to render it harder for us to have weapons which work properly. I don't notice them berating the USSR, for example, or China or Russia or France. This is a perfectly logical extension of CND's tactics in the Cold War.

I only care that our armed forces turn other peoples enviroments into dust.

Test the depleted uranium on the bureaucrats until their carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to zero.

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