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Rays of Sunshine and Scotsmen

August set to be 'wettest in 100 years' - Telegraph...with the constant deluge of rain showing little sign of letting up, forecasters have warned.

SCOTLAND'S miserable summer has triggered a surge in winter depression, according to new figures published yesterday.
Experts predict more than one million Scots will suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (Sad) and the "winter blues" as the bad weather begins to take its toll.

Could I get a week in the sun on prescription? Please.

The only smidgen of joy I am getting is the silence of the Global Warming brigade who daren't raise their concerns from their Tuscan retreats about the poor peasants in Blighty risking being scorched to death if they, the peasants, don't change their ways.

(UPDATE - I spoke too soon - of course there is the indefatigable Paul Simons in The Times :
Despite all the gales, rain, hail, floods, and thunderstorms, temperatures are just about average, whereas in days gone by, wet summers were invariably cold. Perhaps that is a sign of climate change.


Who are these whiners?

It's Scotland. It rains here. Get ower it!

I take comfort in knowing, if I am getting pissed on in Edinburgh, so are all of those bloody tourists who are cluttering up my city, dithering, clogging up bars, preventing me from getting a taxi quickly and generally being loud, stupid and in the way.

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