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Rubbish Reporting

Plan for anaerobic digesters in every town to recycle leftovers - Times Online

Waste-disposal units designed to turn leftover food into electricity and fertiliser could be built around every town and city as part of a scheme being considered by ministers.

Most waste food in Britain, including 6.7million tonnes from households, is disposed of in landfill sites where it decomposes and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The average person throws away four times their own body weight in food each year.

Pressure on space means that the country is running out of suitable sites for landfill and, with punitive landfill taxes introduced to encourage alternatives, digesters are increasingly being seen as an environmentally friendly solution.

Don't these expert reporters know anything? - All that rotting food in landfill is capped and the methane (70% or more of it) is captured and used for electricity already - and we are not running out of landfill space, the punitive taxes aren't to there to prevent the UK overflowing, they are there because the EU demands them.
And don't even mention the banning of swill feeding which turned waste food in bacon, a nobler mission it is harder to imagine.

And because of numpty reporters, who should be investigating and challenging the press releases instead of just parroting them, the ratchet of greenism clicks another notch and we will have slop buckets and council slop bucket inspectors in every kitchen.


And how frequently will the contents of these domestic slop buckets be collected? Current evidence seems to suggest once a fortnight will be the target.

One shudders to think just how bad the miasma caused by millions of badly tended bins full of rotting food will be. let alone what it will do for the rat population.

Methinks I shall be restricting future visits to Britain to the dead of winter.

Fortnightly? Or monthly? Another wheelie bin, could be semi-annual.

More -

*Garbage truck blockaded*
Angry residents annoyed at binmen who refused to pick up a backlog of rubbish left after strikes last month barricaded a refuse lorry and its crew in their street.

*Council Revenge*
Residents thought they had won the battle to keep weekly bin collections after their council scrapped plans for a fortnightly service.

Now Rushmoor Borough Council in Hampshire has shocked residents by deciding to halve the the size of residents’ bins instead. The plan will cost taxpayers £750,000.

*Waste from national prisons but...*
A change in Whitehall guidelines means refuse from jails will be treated as domestic, not industrial, waste from next year.

That means councils cannot charge the Home Office to take it away.

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