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Gold Medals for Grasping

Race to find £100m for London Olympic stars - Times Online

Just because we, as everyone now calls the athletes, have won some full fat milk bottle tops for sports that can be done sitting down the bastards are clammering for another suckle on the public teat. Aren't twenty billion pounds enough to waste already? Just fuck off, go and indulge your drug addled lycra bondage fascist body worship somewhere else preferably in private and without wanting, nay demanding, me to bloody pay anymore for it.


Olympic coverage over here in America would suggest that the U.K. is not even competing in olympics...rather pleasant.

"...drug addled lycra bondage fascist body worship..." Be careful, Englishman. You are in danger of making the whole tedious affair seem interesting to the British masses, which could lead to further demands on your pocket. Don't be surprised if the 2012 organisers approach you to handle their publicity.

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