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PR Talk - what a joke.

James Corden to write jokes on Wall's lollies - Telegraph

A spokesman for Wall's Ice Cream said: "We want to re-launch the jokes on lolly sticks and we thought that using a comedian like James would be ideal.

"James is an up and coming comedian who is cutting edge and some of his jokes could make ice cream even more accessible to people.

"We want to update the current jokes and make them more relevant.

"cutting edge, relevant, accessible" Doesn't that sort of marketing guff make you want to shove a 99 where the sun don't shine? But he failed to get the full house as he missed out "diversity".


As a curmudgeonly free born old Scot, I enjoy your view of the world. Keep it up!

"some of his jokes could make ice cream even more accessible to people"

This shows you how marketing talk perverts language. What he means is that a minor cosmetic addition to a product line may make the product more popular. And what he implies is that the minor cosmetic change will make people by the thing more. And that means that the thing is more "accessible" to them. As opposed to the minor cosmetic change somehow making the product more desirable (eg, change in flavors, composition) or available (and therefore accessible in its senses of derisability or location; eg, increased distribution, decreased price).

It makes one worry for our children.

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