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Not Peak Oil Now It Is Peak Water - the new eco scare

UK households uses over 1000 gallons of water a day - Telegraph

While the average UK household consumes almost 33 gallons a day for washing and drinking, it consumes about 30 times as much in "virtual water", used in the production of imported food and textiles.

It concludes that only 38 per cent of the water used by the UK comes from its own resources, with much of the rest coming from countries such as Spain and Morocco, which face serious shortages.

The study by the environment group WWF ..urged businesses and consumers to take a look at their virtual water consumption, as they are inadvertently contributing to the slow death of some of the world's most important rivers, and we may not be able to rely on the same supplies in the future, with fresh water now being described as "the new oil", a finite resource running out.

Bloody hell, I didn't realise I was using up all that rain water that is pissing down on my drive, silly old me thought it sort of ran back into the sea and got recycled up into the clouds. I had better start bottling it and putting it aside for my children....


Do the libtards who write this shit never give it a rest...is there not a day when they don't just think..'fuck it...I'll have a lie in" a good kip, a good woman and a good drink would do most of the moaning bastards a power of good...I think I'll indulge myself.

There you go, Mr Spain and Mrs Morocco, we won't buy anything else from you that uses your precious water, you need it more than us. No, no, don't thank us, it's the least we can do. Sorry, my Spanish is not so good, WWF can go and get whatted?

WTF? I've had rain for weeks with hardly any break in the sodding clouds and some twatwit is banging on about VIRTUAL water, have they gone fugging nuts or something??

As usual, the Nazis have latched onto something with a (very tiny) grain of truth in it, and have exaggerated it massively, for their ends. If they had had the sense to "do" water before "doing" energy, via global warming (whose foundations have no substance as we all now know) then they might have got firther down the road already towards enslaving the inhabitants of liberal nations.

One of the things that I think they are trying to say, is that "we" "use" water at second hand in countries where they grow stuff to sell to us. This is fine in a free market, since the growers will have factored in the marginal cost of the water resources (that we presume they have to pay for) in growing our Spanish courgettes in winter and our strawberries for Christmas, and our Peruvian blueberries.

It is quite probable in fact that the planet's water resources are actually in practice "smaller" than our oil and gas resources. But what exactly does that "mean"? Does that mean that they will "run out" "faster"? Does it mean that, since the world may be getting warmer either because of our acts or despite them, or else that it mat be getting colder despite whatever we may be able to set fire to, it is our fault? Who can tell?

Anyway, there is quite enough water still remaining on the planet (about 2 million trillion tons directly available to us, plus what is in hydration salts in the mantle rocks, and periodically replenishes by vulcanism that which is lost into space by natural photolysis) for markets, suitably not discouraged by Nazis, to be able to devise schemes to desalinate it and use it for, say, irrigation.

On the above calculations given, if all the world's population used, per day, 1,000 gallons each, and this was universal and continuous, then the result is that humans "use" 10.9 trillion tons of (fresh!) water every year.

(1) This is clearly not currently the case. Our usage levels, and those of the Anglosphere as is right, are naturally much higher than Africans, Indians or Chinese as things stand today.
(2) We would like to set about correcting upwards the usage levels of these other nations, were it not for Kyoto, Al Gore and the like.
(3) If it was the case after all, then this would be just over ONE 200,000th (1/200,000) of all the water in the oceans. It is not possibly to convince me as a mathematician and a physicist, that the planetary water cycle system is not capable of absorbing a distortion as small as this.

I thought that these sums, done in about 40 seconds on the back of an envelope, would amuse your readers.

1000 gallons a day? That's the equivalent of leaving almost two bathroom taps on full blast all the time, day in, day out. Oh, hang on, calm down, the report is from the WWF and therefore complete alarmist eco-nonsense.

Or, to put it another way, it's about 160 cubic feet, which is a cube about 5 1/2 feet on each side.

You couldn't swim in one of those!

You couldn't swim in one of those!

You couldn't swim in one of those!

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