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The Price of Liberty

Kirsty McCluckie: Our liberty is a small price to pay to keep the verges tidy - Scotsman.com News

I'VE always been opposed to governments' increasing checks on their population: the hidden surveillance using CCTV cameras; the suggestion that it might be a good idea to keep everyone's DNA on file, whether or not we are criminals; and the introduction of identity cards from birth.
But perhaps I am just following the well-worn path of becoming less liberal and more reactionary as I get older, because the news that drivers will be fined if caught on camera throwing litter from their cars makes me hop from foot to foot and rub my...

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I'm not wasting a brass testoon on reading such rubbish, you may differ. But as I grow older I may be becoming more reactionary, but that is reactionary against the young spitpups who trample over our liberties and destroy our hardwon freedoms. I am a reactionary who want to return to freer days.


seems entirely reasonable- anyone who agrees with her should be compelled to tidy verges- they're giving up their liberty (which they don't value) and we're all getting tidy verges (which we all want) everybody wins.

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