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How extra customers annoy the council

Council refuses to collect bins from culs-de-sac - Telegraph

Russell Clark, Uttlesford's waste and recycling officer, said efficiency savings had to be made because a glut of new housing had increased the number of households from 11,000 to 16,000 within two years.

But rather than increase the amount of money spent on waste collection, in line with increased revenue from council tax, Mr Clark said the council is trying to make savings.

I'm all for councils making savings but do they really understand this customer service thing? If BurgerKing's customer numbers grow from 11,000 to 16,000 they don't complain how hard it is and how all those extra burgers cost them too much money, they get on with serving them and use the increased efficiencies of scale to keep their prices down. Why is it so hard for a council to do this?


surely 5000 new households = 5000 x £1100 (average council tax where I live) extra revenue - that's £5.5 million.

There may be an issue for the council in that it could have weight-based targets for diverting rubbish from landfill that have been set by central government and based on past performance. If the local population rises by more than average, this could potentially affect the council's ability to reach the targets.

Simple one, they are councillors and offials, you know dumb as s**t.

Noticed this: "Creating central collection points reduces the amount of time spent by our operatives..."

Soon to be announced, a new program - don't leave your rubbish at the kerb, drive it to the Council tip. Use the Chunnel, turn South at Instanbul...

And "We would have to increase council tax by about £3 per year to continue to offer a doorstep collection for everyone." So instead we propose to raise the tax by £53 so as to be able to provide shuttle trucking for elderly, infirm, disabled, underage, unfit, unwilling, and others to get them and their trash to whatever collection point we develop.

There needs to be far more direct action in this country and those who are supposed to serve us, should be reminded who wags who's tail. People power.

None of the fuckwits who work at the council have been, or ever would be, employed by a real business. Which is why they have no comprehension of how the concepts you mention work.

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