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Home Furnishing Tips For An Englishman's Home


I'm a very lucky boy! The very nice people at Sumo omni sent me one of their huge beanbags to try out. I thought it might be a bit embarrassing to report back to them that the last time I got comfortable on a bean bag there were tie-die t-shirts, an album cover on my lap and Jimi Hendrix on the stereo and I was a getting a bit old for it now.

But not at all, I am surprised how much I like it; firstly they seem to have got the stuffing just right so it moves around but provides a firm support for these tired old bones in whatever position I try. And secondly its big enough to get comfortable on. I also like the wipe clean cover, very useful, and it seems to be really well made and tough enough to put up with lots of abuse.

It might be a bit trendy for this castle but they ain't getting it back; not only have I taken to flopping in after a hard days grind but the Englishettes have commandeered it as a nest, mattress and gymnastic landing mat.

So big thanks to Sumo for making us all very happy.


Come on, how much did they pay you to write that?

A shameless plug. May your labrador spill the beans ;)

bloody hippy.

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