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An Englishman Abroad

Back from a week holidaying in the glorious Welsh countryside:


and visiting the welcoming Welsh beachs:


The sun shone, for at least an hour in the whole week, the locals have taken "I'll pick a consonant, please Carol" to ridiculous extremes, can't we carpet bomb them with vowels to force them to open their upper vocal tracts and cease their grunting? Betting on the empty Brains rolling down the street in the wind was as close to sport as I got and if being sand blasted by the shards of slate they laughingly expect you lie on is refreshing, then I am refreshed.

I almost embarrassed myself on the A55 when the sign "Welcome to England" showed up, if it hadn't been for the queues of peroxided couples from Merseyside in their caravans and the fat boys from Manchester in their Audis steamrolling down the tarmac I would have leapt from the car and kissed the red cross.


Well done for supporting the Welsh economy and reducing the burden on the English taxpayer. Looks like the few billion a year the Scottish Raj are throwing at their celtic brethren to the west isn't being used very prudently. Another reason to stop.

Where's that? Rhyl? Try a trip down the Conwy Valley heading toward Betws y Coed. or take the A5 and head through Llangollen and the Llanberis Pass. Take extra film.

We went to Llandudno once.

Spectacler tourism extravaganza of the season was...

... an exhibition of old family bibles.

The libertines!

Too much excitement for us, we had to leave. Went to Bodnant Gardens.

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