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Headline News

A week away from t'internet and being exposed to the BBC news is akin to an out of body experience - do people still put up with that crap? Don't they notice the bias and shallowness? So it has been a relief to catch up this afternoon with my tame newshounds, almost at random here are two of today's stories set in their proper context.

Just a Girl in short shorts talking about Sarah Palin


And EU Referendum reminds us that: the treatment of this story (the drowning polar bears) demonstrates yet again that the media cannot be trusted to report accurately or objectively, especially on "green" issues. But then we knew that already. What is worrying is the number of people who still do believe what they read.


Re polar bears: back when I walked with dinosaurs, middle school circa 1958, I was told that polar bears were remarkable for (among several things) routinely swimming twenty miles or more. So it is not a very big surprise to me that they have since been found to swim much further than that. Pity that so many journalists do not have rounded educations, worse that the self-proclaimed experts upon whom journos rely have even less of same.

Being a happily married man the girl in short shorts did not appeal, nor the polar bear BUT that mining spoil site!! As a trainee geologist it had me salivating - where was it?

You can't please some people - Huge Welsh slate mines/quarries, the Great Orme copper mines ... what more could you want?

Anyway, Welcome back.

(The tip is Parys Mountain - fascinating place.)

Judging by its height out of the water, the colour of the water, the pattern of the waves, I should have thought the bear is standing on a shallow, sandy bottom.

Makes me think of the beautiful photo of the mother and her cub on the ice floe, from last year. The pic was taken by a researcher standing on solid, frozen ground and the bears drifted by, in no danger or distress. It was stolen, perhaps from her blog or field report, and used by the Greenies to create alarm.

Welcome back, Mr E.

Thanks Mr. E. - I thought I recognised it. "Starred" on a TV programme recently (? Coast)

If anyone is interested, the following site gives a taste of what Parys Mountain is like.


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