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The $45 trillion Question

The catastrophe behind climate change - Telegraph

As the estimated cost of measures proposed by politicians to "combat global warming" soars ever higher - such as the International Energy Council's $45 trillion - "fighting climate change" has become the single most expensive item on the world's political agenda.

As Senators Obama and McCain vie with the leaders of the European Union to promise 50, 60, even 80 per cent cuts in "carbon emissions", it is clear that to realise even half their imaginary targets would necessitate a dramatic change in how we all live, and a drastic reduction in living standards.

All this makes it rather important to know just why our politicians have come to believe that global warming is the most serious challenge confronting mankind, and just how reliable is the evidence for the theory on which their policies are based.

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The most serious threat is not that the climate is changing, but that the anthropogenic climate change advocates are willing to commit international economic seppuku on the basis or a postulation which is looking more and more unlikely by the day. Washout summers, low solar activity. It's got bugger all to do with Co2, that much is plain.

"For the current year, the IMF has forecast overall annual output increasing by nearly 5%, leaving world GDP standing at just over $50 trillion by end-December. Roughly in line with the total worth of global stock markets."

And 'they' want to spend - how much?....

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