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We are all going to die from the heat

Temperature rises 'will be double the safe limit' for global warming - Scotsman.com News

IT IS "improbable" global warming will be kept below 4C – double the rise considered safe to avoid climate catastrophe – according to an influential new report.
Internationally, it has long been agreed governments should be aiming to keep a global temperature rise below 2C, to avoid climate change spiralling out of control.

However, a bleak new study by scientists at the Tyndall Centre.....

Extreme and risky action including geo-engineering the only way to tackle global warming, say scientists in collection of Royal Society papers | Environment | The Guardian

Political inaction on global warming has become so dire that nations must now consider extreme technical solutions - such as blocking out the sun - to address catastrophic temperature rises, scientists from around the world warn today.

Ghost ship fleet couRapid climate change needs a global solution, says scientist - Telegraph

It looks like something out of a Dan Dare comic book, and it might just help to save the world. A scientist at the University of Edinburgh has devised a new weapon in the fight against global warming: a fleet of 1,500 unmanned sailing ships creating wakes that whiten clouds to reflect the heat of the Sun better.

Rapid climate change needs a global solution, says scientist - Telegraph

James Lovelock of Oxford University says schemes to reflect sunlight from the atmosphere or increase the uptake of the greenhouse gas CO2 by the oceans should be considered to hold back disastrous climate change.

But the scientist also warned that such projects may do more harm than good and argues the best option could be to let nature take its course.

Writing for the Royal Society, Prof Lovelock warned even with geo-engineering, any course was "likely to lead to death on a scale that makes all wars, famines and disasters small".

Yet Prof Lovelock also said carrying on with "business as usual" would probably kill most of us this century....

Is it just me, or is the rhetoric getting shriller and more desperate?


It isn't just you. It is becoming shriller and more desperate.

There is a clear inverse correlation between the rate of temperature rise and the desperation of the doommongers. In this instance, I believe this does point to causation. They believe that if they shout loud enough, people won't notice that the planet is not warming. They also know that there is a limit to how long this tactic can last so they are getting increasingly desperate to get some form of AGW control measures in place, knowing that, once enacted, political inertia will prevent them being immediately repealed, even when it is obvious that they are of no value.

Yup. Was on the Climate Change comments section of the Grauniad over the weekend, where all the Real Climate supporters live, and was hounded by five of them over three days, despite the moderators cutting about a third of their messages, which consisted of nothing but personal abuse.

However, I would go for the engineering solutions - we could revive our shipbuilding and trading industries if there was a need to create thousands of automated ships plying the waves - even if the justifiction is a pretend one....

The Hootsman needs to tell that to the little old ladies who are going to freeze to death this winter because they can't afford to heat their homes.

It's not just you.

The rhetoric is getting shriller and more desperate because even "ordinary" people are starting to notice that the predictions are not coming true, the numbers don't add up, and nobody wants to go back to the Stone Age anyway.

Unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better, because (a) they will get even shriller and (b) there is a large timelag in political fashions - which is all this is.

Happily the coming recession makes it unlikely that anyone will be investing trillions in this nonsense, and by the time we start to get richer again, it should be obvious to all that the warming isn't happening.

With a bit of luck we will have time to do something to deal with the next cooling phase that is just beginning. By "deal with" I mean live with, not prevent or stop, of course.

does this mean I can have a healthy year round tan in what seems to me an increasingly damp England?

"Yet Prof Lovelock also said carrying on with "business as usual" would probably kill most of us this century...."

Er, how many of us were planning on being still around ninety two years from now?

Not me for sure. I have no desire to be still around when the rational future population starts laughing at our stupid credulous generation of chicken littles.


The advert at the top of this page has to be seen to be believed.
The rest of the article is quite good, too

monty...I plan to last another 92 years at least...so many lefties to annoy and so little time!

What can you say but "dickheads"?


Many countries in the Northern hemisphere had their worst winter for decades - a couple more and the Emperors new clothes will be mandatory dress for the AGW alarmists.

It's clear we don't yet know enough about what drives climate change, but it's unlikley to be CO2 given the historical record. I suspect the power of the Sun, Ocean current oscillation and possibly the effect of cosmic rays on cloud formation (tied to the sunspot cycle) may yet show how puny our influence is on a global scale.

Hang up your free global warming certificate before you die:



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