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The Machine in Control

'Have-a-go heroes' an increasing rarity in a Britain that has developed Robocop justice system, says report - Scotsman.com News

BRITAIN has become a nation of "passive bystanders" with fundamental changes needed on policing and criminal justice to tackle the issue, a report warns today.
The study, by the independent think tank, Reform, finds that the public are uninformed about crime and unlikely to participate in maintaining justice.
In a 36-page report entitled The Lawful Society, Reform says Britain has the most expensive criminal justice system in the world but that over-centralisation is failing to deliver results.
It also says the "have-a-go hero" is an increasing rarity, with Britons the least likely in Europe to intervene when a crime is taking place.
The report found that six out of ten people in Britain would be unlikely to challenge a group of 14-year-old boys vandalising a bus shelter, more than Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Spain. In Germany, six out of ten would challenge the group.
The authors said that Britain had developed a "Robocop" criminal justice system where human judgment and engagement had been replaced by bureaucracy.
They said: "The result is a criminal justice system without a human face – bureaucratic, technocratic and machine-like.
"If the face of British criminal justice was once George Dixon of Dock Green, the new face might be the Robocop of Detroit's fictional future."

The system is winning, for us to be more of a sheeple than the Germans et al is a bloody disgrace.

(And if Reform launched this yesterday at lunchtime why isn't a copy on the web this morning, too good a lunch boys?)


This comparison with Robocop is actually fallacious. Ultimately Robocop led a rebellion of ordinary (and armed) citizens against the all-powerful apparat.

One can only hope that the same thing happens in Britain.

Could it be because the police in Britain are more likely to arrest the active bystander on spurious claims of assault from the little scum? I'm sure the police get more target points for arresting such violent criminals (who are also breaking their closely-guarded closed shop of law enforcement and keeping the Queen's Peace)than offenders against property (who are underprivileged people protesting their lack of status and power in an unequal society).

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