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Palin backward, antifeminist and social antiquated - suits me

Alpha Mummy - Times Online - WBLG: Palin's a woman but not a pro-woman candidate

Because there is only one sort of pro-woman candidate and a strong independent woman who fails to follow the herd mentality bleating about "quality childcare and reproductive freedom" is "backward, antifeminist and social antiquated".

(Funny how non of the pro-women candidates ever get tagged with the vpilf label isn't it...)


I have heard of vpl, and of uklf, but what is vpilf?

Sorry Wales wasn't much fun. Better luck next time!

You forgot "gun owner"...

Golly gee, does she have a governess/nanny working for her, how else could a woman do anything but spend 24 hours a day caring for an infant?

Golly gee, never mind that women have been doing it for thousands of years: at least she does not have to go look for a wild beehive to get the wax for candles. Or that she takes her youngest with her to the office. Or that she has a husband and several daughters capable of baby-sitting. Or parents and in-laws. Or...

Never mind that she does things like down-sizing the State-paid chef from the Gubernatorial household because she does not want her kids to become accustomed to that sort of thing to face rude awakening when Mom retires - if she does.

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