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Brown to save the nation

It’s not that bad, say business leaders baffled by gloom forecast - Times Online

Business leaders accused Alistair Darling yesterday of exaggerating the risks of a recession and said that his doom-laden prophecy could become self-fulfilling.

In an unusual reversal of roles, the CBI and economists rejected the Chancellor’s claim that Britain faced the worst economic conditions for 60 years and criticised him for failing to emphasise the fundamental strengths of the economy.

All a bit odd, why is Darling dissing the economy - pound down, credit crunched etc. Is it becasue he is a dithering fool under orders for a even more dithering fool or is there some cunning plan at work? A comment from a union boss suggests a reason.

Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite, said: “If the Chancellor is gauging the situation correctly then it makes the case for decisive government intervention in the economy even more strongly.

“If it is the worst economic conditions for 60 years then we need intervention in the form of a windfall tax on the oil companies and action to protect people from the risk of redundancy and to protect their homes.”

They wouldn't be scaring us into accepting even more state intervention would they?



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Meanwhile I thought it was just our Media liars who were Pimping the "Bad Economy" dire warning BS as a way to promote their three-minute Man Obalma. I guess your Media Pimps are making an effort to distract and promote the useless scurvy hive of blisters at the EU.

So their response to the government's actions helping to destroying the economy, is to give them more power to intervene?

None so blind as those that will not see and that..

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