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Gordon's helpless little burp

Brickbats for Brown's stamp duty masterplan - Scotsman.com News

GORDON Brown's hopes of generating a political recovery by announcing measures to kick-start the housing market were fading last night as he faced a welter of criticism from industry experts and at Westminster.
The Prime Minister had looked to regain the political initiative after dire opinion poll ratings and repeated rumblings about his job security

Really, I mean really, did anyone expect this masterplan to help him? It is pathetic, unimaginative and nearly useless. If it is the best he can come up with then he is as bad as we have been saying.


His options are limited. Tax revenues are down and tax rises are not a possibility. The average person just doesn't have the disposable income for it. The government is in debt. The reserves were blown on Northern Rock, the biggest "state aid" in history. He's fighting two expensive wars. His party is bankrupt and only the unions will rescue it, but not if he makes any cuts in public sector employment! Just as he should be reining in public spending and attempting fiscal stimulus with the savings, the cupboard is bare. Not only that, but the hypnotic trance Blair put on the nation is broken. Blair would have spun this burp as a roar and the mugs would have marvelled. Even if he did something good (admittedly unlikely) Brown's credibility is slightly below that of a group of gypsies offering to tarmac your drive. Labour is facing the biggest swing in electoral history - unless Brown personally captures bin Laden and brings him to justice.

Tom, all perfectly correct, and you might have added that if this crew came up with anything effective, the EU might well stop them.

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