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Organic - will it make sense at $200 a barrel?

Organic food to be cheaper than other produce - Telegraph

..a study suggests that the price of oil could soon make cereal crops grown with fertilisers more expensive than those produced more naturally....

With oil predicted to reach $200 a barrel within five to 10 years, the profit margin on organic wheat, barley and oil seed rape would be as much as £411.

This compares with up to £348 for the same crops produced by non-organic methods, according to the study by Andersons, the farm business consultants.

I can't find the report this is based on, but that extract is completely meaningless; profit per what? Organic farming needs more labour, so what is the cost of labour? It needs more cultivations, are the harrows pulled by horses? And are they comparing at the same selling price with no organic premium? I don't know, though you can guess I am sceptical of it all. If you come across a copy of the report please forward it to me.


I loved this bit;

'Industrial farming relies on fossil fuels to mine, manufacture and transport fertilisers which replace nutrients in the soil.

Organic farming, however, improves soil fertility through crop rotations and is less affected by oil prices.'

Really? We must be very stupid, then, because we use animal shit from our animals that we eat, which is an environmental crime, apparently, as they cause global warming.

So, if the enviro loonies get their way, not only will huge swaths of marginal land only suitable for animal husbandry be laid waste, all productive land will need to be put out pf production for a cycle to attempt to 'green manure' it with nitrogen fixing plants. Which won't work, so we will all starve.

Still, that might make global warming an irrelevance.

You have to understand the ignorance of many of these people. Apparently, the city big wig husband of someone who runs the online arm of a very famous lefty newpaper actually thought Brussel sprouts grew out of the ground individually like ikkle cabbages. I shit you not.

Lord Melchett's in the Guardian on this one:-


It was an independent study commissioned by the Soil Association, apparantly. So, that'll be just fine and dandy.

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