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Palin - the feminist meltdown

Sarah Palin: a loveable woman, but an appalling candidate | Alice Miles - Times Online

Call that a woman? A gun-toting, vehement anti-abortionist with the hide of a grizzly bear draped over her sofa, who was so aggressive on the basketball court that she was nicknamed Sarah Barracuda? She makes Barack Obama look like a girl....

...So sick are we in Britain, with our centre left-centre right politicians of the centre, not one daring to have a view out of line with the very thin consensus that passes for acceptable opinion here, that we stand stunned by a woman who opposes abortion and shoots moose; who believes in creationism and drilling for oil in the Arctic wildlife refuge; who supports the aerial shooting of wolves and opposes same-sex marriage; who says to hell with the kids and just get back to work; who even campaigned against saving polar bears!

Could you be less politically correct than suing the Federal Government to prevent it making polar bears an endangered species because the move would restrict oil drilling?

Nothing like Mrs Palin has, could ever, be seen in the British political system. She turns liberals into conservatives and conservatives into feminists. Stand back, Mr Obama, a new character is storming the ratings.

How Hillary Clinton, all safe lines and patronising empathy, must be hating it. How fast Michelle Obama must be recalibrating her soft little tales about baking cookies and enjoying The Brady Bunch. Mrs Palin would eat Carol Brady for breakfast, and still have space for some moose stew. Hell, yes.

But the Sarah Palin Story is not just a show and in America, they are equally agog but not aghast - they are adoring. The American Right loves this woman. They would have her in charge of the country.

Seriously. And that is where the trouble starts.

Trouble? Opportunity more like. As she says we are so sick in Britain we can't have a candidate like her here, well some of us are fed up of being sick and we want to be cured and not continue to wallow in the hospital bed of mediocrity and self-pity. We want our own Sarah Palin.


To paraphrase George II: "If Sarah Palin is mad, I wish she would bite more of our politicians!"

So why are we worried about her and foreign policy ?

This woman sits on a settee with a dead bear draped over the back.

A dead Russian bear ?

Alan Douglas

I'm jealous, we could never have someone like Sarah in the UK. Some one, who is outside the political elites, taking on the establishment and demonstrating ability in a high powered executive position. With the concentration of power in Westminster where are the opportunities for this to happen?

Everything that Ms Miles and others in the leftist meedja believe makes her an appalling candidate is what makes her a great candidate. She's a breath of fresh air. I wish there were more like her.

I live in the mountains of Tennessee where being a strong woman is complimentary. Women here hunt along side their men. We also clean our own game and cook it. Sarah Palin is my kind of woman. And, yes, I managed to raise 8 chilren (one of whom is profoundly handicapped) with my husband, we both took turns working outside the home and yet our children turned out great. Funny, I didn't know I couldn't do all that until the left pointed it out.

She gets my vote and I don't even have one...may write her in next time we get a chance to choose between our nonentities.

What I love about this is all the militant feminist wimmen being up in arms, and horrified by the choice. They seem to believe she has already won. Mind you I've never met one of them that I'd want to f"*k, but Sarah well MILF.

I cheer the choice of Palin - especially since learning that McCain really wanted Lieberman, who is a good man but would have been of no help whatever.

Yes, I am a bit bothered by some of her stances. But not much.

And I am apalled at the continuing ignorance shown in some of the things being said. A proponent of "Intelligent Design" (which mostly seems to argue that the Creator is not intelligent enough to have designed nechanisms like DNA and evolution)? Uh, no: she voted against having ID officially recognized in science classes, but mildly acknowledged that the subject would probably arise and debate might be preferable to igorance.

And the polar bear is so "endangered" that even those scuentists who supported naming it as such have also stated that the known population has more than quadrupled in the past thirty years or so. As to hunting it, Palin wants only to retain Alaskan law, which does NOT allow hunting except, for food, by below-subsistence-level descendants of pre-European inhabitants.

Gov. Palin suddenly makes the Democratic ticket look like a couple of sensitive urban metrosexuals.

I’d love to see this woman kick the living daylights out of Putin and Armouredinnerjacket.

She’s proof that you can get far in this world with a smile. But you can get farther with a smile and a gun.

Can we please put to rest the notion that Palin is in favor of teaching ID in schools? She is not. And by the way, her fifth child is really hers, not her daughter's. The last bit of nonsense was being pushed by Andrew Sullivan.

I understand why the feminists disagree with some of Sarah Palin's views, like abortion, and I understand their disappointment at loosing Hillary as the first female President, or Vice President. But, now they have a real chance to elect the first ever female Vice President. A woman who exemplifies so many amazing qualities, including her successes and 85% approval rating as Alaska's governor, mother of five, and the whole nine yards. In addition to breaking the glass ceiling, Palin can finally bring about tremendous reforms for women.
As International abuses keep coming to light regarding women's rights, including everything from burkas, to white slavery, to honor killings, you would certainly think that women would be tripping over themselves to elevate one of their own to such a high position. What a shame the feminists are so petty that they can't see the big picture, set aside their conflicting grievances, and make a couple of concessions, in order to progress in such a big way.

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