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What the Romans did to us.

Britons may be more vulnerable to Aids due to Roman invasion - Telegraph

Researchers found that people who live in lands conquered by the Roman army have less protection against HIV than those in countries they never reached
They say a gene which helps make people less susceptible to HIV occurs in greater frequency in areas of Europe that the Roman Empire did not stretch to.

A case for reparations and public apologies I think, Ferraris all round should ease the mental anguish of the English of being a damaged and subjugated nation.

To save you looking it up here's the Monty Python - What have the Romans ever done for us? sketch from Life of Brian.


I knew my bloody Viking ancestors should have stayed in Norway!

Can I sue?

I think you will find that there weren't many English around during the occupation of Albion by the Roman. You lot were a later invading horde!

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