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Flight BA 38 - Unique Ice Problem Takes Gordon's Rap

BBC NEWS | England | London | 'Ice in fuel' caused BA jet crash

...probably brought down by ice in its fuel system, an accident report says....But investigators say they still do not know how the ice could have formed....levels of water found in fuel recovered after the 17 January crash were very low for a Boeing 777....the temperatures involved were not "unique"....The investigation team have built a test rig and introduced pre-prepared ice into the fuel system to see if it would clog up. But the amounts they had to put in to make this happen were far greater than is normal....The accident flight was unique in that this has been the only recorded case of a restricted fuel flow affecting the engine performance...The report goes on: "This is the first such event in 6.5 million flight hours and places the probability of the failure as being 'remote'."

Others report that at the time as the aircraft passed over a perimeter
road, (by an extra-ordinary coincidence) it passed low and directly overhead British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's car detail; delivering Brown and his entourage to Heathrow. This cavalcade apparently travels with a significant and powerful electronic counter measures (ECM) package to jam (fry) roadside IED's, deflect and avoid incoming missiles and so on.....


Yep, the AAIB are a renowned bunch of fibbers. Always have been.

No doubt at all it was Gordo's tranny*, and that the AAIB report was written in January but held off until now so it would be plausible.

Alternatively, see my comment to your original post.

* Electronics. What else could I mean?

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