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Worked to Death

David Blunkett says people should work until they are 'incapacitated' - Telegraph

Britain's workforce should keep working until they are no longer physically able to do so, according to former cabinet minister David Blunket. In a speech to the Counsel and Care charity in London, he said people should stop assuming that the Government had "prime responsibility" for supporting them through "the ever increasing years of retirement".

I have no problem with taking responsibility for my own soup dribbling years but I do with the State mulcting my income to provide for me and then not doing so...


Strange. This government tries to take responsibility for everything else in our lives...

The State doesn't pilfer your cash to provide for you later, it uses it to provide for the dotty old bats dribbling away in homes at the moment.

Mmm. Don't drink, don't smoke, eat your five a day, treat salt like cyanide; and for what? To slave until you're too fucked up to enjoy life any more.

I assume Blind Pugh is advocating this spartan regimen for himself of course. No? I am surprised.

How I hate these fucking people.

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