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Palin - The Green Meltdown

Pit-bull Palin, enemy of the greens, could be McCain's Achilles heel - Telegraph

The European press has yet to pick up on Mrs Palin's extreme anti-conservation record - that's how the Sierra Club, a non-partisan organisation, described it. Time says she is on the "far right" on green issues - further to the right than her running mate and even George W Bush. Governor Palin, on the other hand, was described to me flatly by the head of one American environmental group as "Dick Cheney in go-go boots".
Only last month she questioned whether man-made fossil fuel emissions were responsible for global warming - even though temperatures in the Arctic are rising faster than anywhere else.
She has also opposed the federal listing of the polar bear as an endangered species. She is a promoter of aerial hunting, in which wolves and bears are shot unsportingly from airplanes.

Environmentalists detest her - which the Republicans may have calculated is an electoral advantage in some states.....

What if she got elected? It's unclear how much Mr McCain would let her do. Sarah Palin might be smart enough to broaden her horizons in office but she would be unlikely to change her spots.

With a rapid countdown to a new international climate treaty after the presidential election, that could spell trouble. Who said America's isolation on environmental issues would be over with the election?

Oh the horror of it all!


The Telegraph was once a decent paper...no more.

Charles 'Swampy' Clover does try very hard, the poor dear, but the idea that getting tough with the millenarian eco-doomsters would negatively impact McCain's popularity with the US electorate is so deranged a reading of the real situation that one is forced to wonder if he hasn't been at the organic skunk a bit much lately.

If the swampies howl loudly enough, it will likely boost McCains totals. Outside of the media, those folks are roundly hated.

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