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Hansen; over paid, over hyped and over here

Christopher Booker

Maidstone Crown Court, where six Greenpeace activists face charges of criminal damage at Kingsnorth power station.

What elevated this case into more than just a local incident was the presence, as Greenpeace's chief witness, of Al Gore's friend James Hansen, head of Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, who has done more than any other scientist in the past 20 years to promote alarm over global warming.

Mr Hansen told the court that the new power station alone would be responsible for the extinction of "400 species".

It might seem odd that a senior US public official should fly the Atlantic to support the defendants in a criminal trial, but Mr Hansen regards it as a test case in the campaign by greens on both sides of the Atlantic to close down all coal-fired power stations in the next 20 years.

Before his court appearance it was reported that he met with the Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, a passionate supporter of the environmentalists' cause, but it is strongly supported by the Business Secretary, John Hutton...The reason Mr Hutton was so vehement was that, as minister in charge of energy policy, he is the one senior politician who recognises the scale of the approaching crisis. In the next decade, we are due to lose 40 per cent of the generating capacity that keeps our lights on and our economy running....

To address our looming energy crisis with the urgency it calls for, we would not only have to ignore the fantasies of Mr Hansen and the green lobby, but also directly confront our government in Brussels, which stands in the way of almost every measure we need to take. In this sense, in terms of what it will cost us, energy looks to become the defining issue of our EU membership.

At last week's Republican Convention delegates were given a card that put "energy independence" at the top of the party's national agenda, a message reinforced by the vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. Threatened with the same suicidal green stranglehold on its energy policy, it seems America may just be waking up to reality in time. But, apart from the faint voice of Mr Hutton, which politician here has the faintest grasp of what is at stake?

I hadn't realised the little shit had come over here to try and force us back to the Stone Age - why did he fly, couldn't he row across the Atlantic? As the US wakes up to the nonsense he is peddling I'm sure he finds it refreshing to be welcomed by the numpties over here.


On a serious note, is it not an offence to promote criminal actions in public? From reports, it seems that that is what Hansen is suggesting. Maybe a citizens arrest is in order.

Where is Chief Wiggum? "Book 'em, Lou, six counts of being dickheads and one count of being an accessory to being a dickhead".

Have any of you seen where the instruments are sited that supply the data that Hansen relies on? The Devil's Kitchen blog had a fabulous post with photgraphs of the hot boxes which supposedly support the theory.

It's total rubbish.

The surface stations project can be found here, Zenobia:


It occurs to me that if a British civil servant went to a US court action to defend illegal behaviour, there would be ructions. Why don't the rules apply to Hansen?

Hansen's dire forecasts have not come to pass and he refuses to release the algorithms that underpin his climate models for peer review.

Why do politicians listen to someone who's predictions have failed the test of time

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