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Reap what you sow

Red tape stops farmers harvesting wet fields - Telegraph

The farmers say the rules to protect soil sub-structure by banning the use of heavy machinery in damp conditions, such as this summer, are directly blocking their ability to collect the harvest.

A spokesman for Defra said the measure to stop farmers from using motorised vehicles on waterlogged soils was introduced to "protect soils from compaction and structural damage caused by using vehicles when the soil is too wet".

Guy Gagen, chief arable adviser at the National Farmers Union, said farmers could be fined thousands of pounds if they broke the heavy machinery rules.

"...You can restore any ruts later. It is an enormous frustration. This rule was put in when food production was not considered important and now that is clearly not the case."

Yes the Government micromanages every farm in the country and even though farmers may own and depend on the soil the man in Whitehall still knows better whether to get the combine rolling this morning or not. Frustrating and maddening but there is a but. The reason why the Government sets these rules is that it is part of a contract, in return for a suckle on the public teat, you Mr Farmer will do as we say about how you keep the land. We set the rules, you follow them or you don't get paid whether they are sensible or not. As an industry farmers forget that.


Do farmers really need someone to tell them not to damage their own farm land? Come the revolution ...

I've often wondered about 'farmers' land'...... when their f*%^$*g land is spread liberally over the country lanes making them into skid pans that Lewis Hamilton would refuse to drive over.... the land instantly becomes someone else's land and that 'they' ( someone other than the farmer) or eventual rain should clean the roads.

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