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Obama's sudden military memory recall

Barack Obama wanted to join the US military - Telegraph

Barack Obama has said he considered joining the United States military when he left school but decided not to because the Vietnam war was over and ".. but keep in mind that I graduated in 1979 we weren't engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it's not an option that I ever decided to pursue."

The aspiration was not mentioned in either of his two volumes of memoirs.

Sure you did, I mean 1979, was the cold war over? The US Embassy hostages in Iran, was that a different 1979? Soviets had invaded Afghanistan, but that was 1978. Yep, I remember 1979 well, peace and harmony around the world, no need for anyone to join the military...


most young adults contemplate military service, after all it's advertised and marketed everywhere around us. however ironically most young adults go else where in the end. a very small, few, and proud ratio of the over all populace ever serves. while we have the largest army ever in every aspect imaginable, the ratio of those who serve and those who do not is astronomically distinct. i would not in a million years deny that somebody possibly considered military service, especially after their mom served in an organization that mirrors the military in many ways appealing to young, naive, and excited newcomers to this huge world. i think what you're getting at however is that none the less, he chose not to serve. and we're now asking why. most Americans instinctively say oh he was a pampered, aristocratic, rich snob who preferred the high road walking on the backs of those less fortunate. but many who did die in those wars were rich and pampered and snobs. why do we base our judgment of our leaders on whether or not they were crazy enough, otherwise forced, into going to a war, most wars of which in the end decidedly were pronounced as having been pointless and non-essential and based on quibbles of politicians who deserve to be thrown into a gladiator arena themselves for once. Americans in general and on the whole, as a rule of thumb, the majority, glamorize and idolize war, soldiers, and the war machine. i cannot wait for the day when enough soldiers will actually survive, and enough survivors will actually have their mental capacities upon return, to educate the masses about the mess we gluttonously call success. What are the benefits of war? Supposedly there are many. But the day is soon coming when those benefits will finally unravel and reveal the rot and dead who are inside. Innocent of course because nobody knows the truth, but I do and I'll share it now, short term the benefits seem enormous, but long term the reward for such indescribable carnage is a hollow middle and a devastated foundation upon which we've built. We will only see it visually and know it for sure, many years down the road. Many holes have been dug, many snares, and wallows, which nobody knew they were digging until in the end we'll all fall in like Rome, and Spain, and France, and many other countries, and nations, and empires did before us! Our time is coming, our destruction will be due in large part by our love of war.

i hope i didn't seem like i was bashing the last time i wrote, i was just trying to play with a different perspective on war and politicians who don't go. i personally go back and forth on how i feel regarding this issue especially since i too served, and find it interesting how the parties are split almost right down the line according to whether they served or not which i actually find kind of unnerving and have to remind myself at voting time that a certain party is almost wholly made up of people who have not served, or people who switched to the reserves or national guard or air force so that their survivability goes up and so they can quit without being considered AWOL. And that same party is the one that always sends us to war! at least lately. it flip flops, so maybe that's why i do too. i'm a historian, so i take into consideration all of the info i can and then decide. but rather than just looking at the present i look into the future as well. i always figured our present should be created with the future in mind. i believe it was one of our greatest adversaries in American history who said always plan today with the next two or more generations in mind. and he kicked our butts. Americans for the last fifty years have been thinking of nothing else but today, and themselves. but those who are actually running things from behind the scenes, both American and leaders from other nations as well, are thinking way beyond and far ahead of all of us. and these people are the ones who are going to win because they have planned to do so, long before most of us were ever born, and their plans have been going along as planned for a very, very, very long time, and will continue to go as planned for a very, very, very long time. i personally feel people shouldn't be allowed in office unless their background is flawless according to us, rather than to their party organizers. the candidate should have military background, and a certain number of years in lower offices, in other words they should have experience in the very things they'll be managing and administering in. we rarely see these qualities in a President. Usually they are very inexperienced, very suspect in a plethora of shady activities, and might as well have come from another planet as far as living in the real world is concerned. i give up on determining what makes a good President. Instead I'm asking who are the people who made him a candidate? how is it that our senators can stay in office for well over fifty years? why can't the President do the same? Our government, our people have become two sided with more double standards than even a super computer could count! the American people are just as guilty and have just as much blood on their hands as do their leaders. and believe it or not, it will be the American people and not the leaders, who will suffer the most for the poor and bad and criminal decisions our leaders have made for us. usually the majority of the people are good. and the empire collapsed not because of the people's decisions but because of the evil of their dictator. however it was the people, who were wiped out at war by their enemies and who lost their homes and crops and watched their families be carried away captive. When the enemy is kicking down our doors, and we are dying from thirst and hunger, and have no futures or families anymore, is when we will no longer concern ourselves with what our leaders did, but instead will be asking ourselves, what did or didn't we do to arrive at this point in our lives, what could we have done to have escaped this madness and horrible end? It's always he did this he did that, until it is our necks that go in the guillotine. What then do I suggest? I'm not suggesting anything, i'm saying it's too late, keep doing like we're doing, enjoy it while it lasts. thank you for this opportunity to speak my mind even though i'm not saying whether or not i'm right or what my opinion is, i appreciate and respect what you've written and possibly feel and believe the same way you do. thank you.

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