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Sick System

Schizophrenic rapist taken to see horror films - Biggleswade Today

A violent schizophrenic was taken on trips to the cinema to watch horror films by staff before he escaped from a low-security hospital near Bristol and raped a 14-year-old girl, a court has heard.
Darren Harkin, 21, was also allowed to build a vast collection of horror and pornographic DVDs while being detained for stabbing his six-month-old stepbrother to death in his cot.

The judge said the case highlighted a number of concerns including why Harkin, who had a history of absconding, was moved to a low-security unit, why staff waited nearly half an hour before telling police about his escape, and why neighbouring police forces were not alerted.

A number of concerns? A number of fucking concerns? I should bloody think so. There should be P45s being mass stamped for everyone involved after they have explained in person why their unbelievable behaviour and laxness has resulted in a schoolgirl being raped. And as for the choirboy, he obviously is beyond being ever being safe to be released. I used to know an ex-marine who had then been a "nurse" at Broadmoor for ten years, he had got to know all of them, all the never-to-be released ones, and his opinion having dealt with them and on reflection of the options was simple - hang the lot of them.


you really are an arsehole. You obviously have never had to deal with mental illness.

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