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Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grubb.

EU Referendum: Idiots abroad - brings us the latest Warmist roundup - which seems also to have been captured in this video..


Oh, what a surprise!

Pugh didn't make it to the North Pole. He and his team planted their flags ... after all they had to show Greenpeace that they actually went on the voyage. They need some publicity photos. Excellent value for money.

Apparently, it was a great success. PM Gordon Brown was on the phone to Pugh and congratulated him on his achievement. This tells you something about Brown. The country is going down the pan but he has time to chat on the phone and arrange a meeting with Pugh.

Why is there a kind of baby youtube video of a not very funny man pretending to be a doctor, underneath the Trumpton one?

I predicted 10 years ago that someone in the world community would recommend not eating meat within 20 years. I honestly didn't really think it would be quite so soon. Anyway, who's going to join me in that fabulous BBQ fest when we slaughter all the cows/sheep/pigs for a massive roasting. What a party that will be although the EU will probably want a H & S Climate Change risk assessment first with no alcohol available!

Oh, & could somebody tell me how having a PhD in Industrial Engineering & Economics endows one with the skills of being the world's leading expert on Climate Change?

Lol, I agree with the poster above, his academic credentials give him no merit. You see so much of this stuff "telling us what to do about climate change", and I'll say with 80% certainty they themselves do none of it.

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